Author’s Purpose Worksheets

The author’s purpose worksheet is a great tool for students to use when writing essays.

The author’s purpose worksheet identifies the author’s main purpose or intention. It also helps the writer identify their audience and what they want to do with their work. Purpose can be classified into four categories, which are: informative, persuasive, expressive, and entertaining. These purposes may overlap with each other as well.

What is the author’s purpose worksheet?

The purpose of this worksheet is to help you better understand the author’s purpose and how you can use it in your own writing.

The author’s purpose for writing is to persuade you, the reader, that a vegan diet is beneficial for human health. The author wants you to think that a vegan diet can be healthier than other diets.

Text: “A vegan diet has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity.”

Purpose: To persuade the reader that a vegan diet is healthier than other diets.

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