6th Grade

Our printable 6th Grade Worksheets are designed by teachers, so they’re perfect for any student. You can find worksheets on topics like fractions and decimals, geometry, algebraic expressions and more! We have an answer key included too – so you know that the work is done correctly.


6th Grade Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an important life skill for students to learn. It can help them understand their world and take charge of it. There are many ways that reading improves understanding, including increasing vocabulary and exposure to new ideas or information. In order to develop a good strategy for improving your reading skills, you need…

Volume Of Irregular Worksheets with Answer Key
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Volume Of Irregular Worksheets with Answer Key

“Meet the challenge of irregular volume shapes! This geometry worksheet introduces formulas for calculating the volumes of complex shapes made up of rectangular prisms. Then, students are asked to apply their knowledge on 3D objects and show work as they find out how much space is taken by L-shaped figures. The best part about this…