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Printable All About Me Worksheets

This All About Me questions worksheet is great to use as an ice-breaker activity at the start of term to find out about your pupils. This fun All About Me worksheet gives young children the opportunity to learn all about themselves, what makes them unique and what their classmates enjoy as well. 

This list of questions for All About Me worksheet is a great way of finding out what the children already know about themselves. You can use this list of questions to gauge how much the children have read about people from different backgrounds, and you will be able to find out more about the pupils’ interests too.

All About Me Worksheets

Answer Key

All About Me Worksheets Answer Key

All About Me Worksheets For Preschoolers

All About Me Worksheets For Preschool

It’s a great idea to have the children start with an all about me worksheet when the school year starts. You can use this sheet to introduce the pupils, as well as give them a chance to find out about each other. Having this sheet completed at the beginning of term also means that you can get an idea of what each child is used to. This will help you customize lessons so that each student is able to learn effectively.

All About Me Worksheet For Kindergarten

All About Me Worksheet For Kindergarten

The All About Me worksheet for kindergarten is best as a fun activity to do when you feel they have all the necessary information about themselves to get them ready to enter school. 
These questions are great for the children as it will give them a basic understanding of what they need in order to run a classroom. This list of questions can also used at the beginning of the year in order for you to see exactly what your child knows about themselves.

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