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Community Worksheets

A community worksheet is an activity that will help your child learn more about the community that they live in. It will encourage them to think about the different people and places that make up their community, as well as how community members interact with one another.

This is an activity where learners need to match the picture to the name of the room. They also have a space to draw themselves with their shadow.

Places In The Community Worksheets for Kindergarten

Community Worksheets
Community Worksheets

Answer Key

Community Worksheets Answer Key

Workers In The Community Worksheets for Kindergarten

Workers in the Community Worksheets for Kindergarten – This set of printable worksheets is a great way to teach children about different jobs in the community. There are different jobs like vet,clerk, crossing guard, builder, chef, and paramedic.

Workers In The Community Worksheets

Safety In The Community Worksheets

Safety in the community worksheets for kindergarten are a great way to teach kids not only how to stay safe while in the community, but how to be proactive and responsible. Safety in the community is a great way to encourage children to be aware of their surroundings, learn to look out for one another and to foster a sense of community. It’s also a great way to learn about the importance of being aware of your surroundings, and to learn the importance of not taking your safety for granted.

Safety In The Community Worksheets

Community Worksheets for 2nd Grade & 3rd Grade

The community worksheets for second and third grade are designed to help the students learn about the different people in their community. The worksheets will help them learn about different professions like police, teachers, and doctors. The worksheets will also help the students understand that they share the same community with other people and they should respect the people around them.

Community Worksheets For 2nd Grade

Community Helpers Worksheets for Kindergarten & Grade 1

A community helper is someone who helps the community in some way. By completing this worksheet kids will be able to identify who are the community helpers in your community. Kids will be able to recognize the role of a community helper and identify the challenges and problems they face, and the skills they need to help.

Community Helpers Worksheets

Community Signs Worksheets

The Community Signs Worksheets are a great way to get kids learning about the community and to help them recognize the signs that they see around them every day. Community Signs worksheets for kids are great for teaching kids how to recognize community signs and what they mean. From stop signs to crosswalks, your kids will be able to learn the signs and understand what each one means.

Community Signs Worksheets
Community Signs Worksheets

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